I was born in East York (now part of Toronto) and was raised there. I left school very early to go to work. Over the years, I tried my hand at various things including  wild animal control, plastics fabrication, metal fabrication, machining, welding, and carpentry.

I fell into bows by chance, after deciding to fix up an old violin I found in the attic. I rehaired the two bows that were in the case, but decided to make one of my own imagination. 

I then discovered that bowmaking is a complex and obscure art and very few books dedicated to this art have ever been written. The specialized nature of this kind of work appealed to me.

I am self taught and made my first three bows before reading any of the few books about bowmaking in order to gain some deeper insight. In some instances, learning on ones own can liberate one from the traps of conformity and certain prejudices. 

In spite of leaving school at fifteen, I continued to learn on my own. I was most attracted to physics, engineering,  and mathematics, with particular interest in Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, Cosmology and Aerodynamics. I also enjoy collecting books, primarily historical scientific texts and scientific biographies.