I was born in Toronto and was raised there. I left school  early to go to work. Over the years, I tried my hand at various things including wild animal control, plastics fabrication, metal fabrication, machining, and welding.

I fell into bows by chance, after deciding to fix up an old violin. I rehaired the two bows that were in the case, but decided to make one of my own imagination. 

I then discovered that bowmaking is an obscure art and very few books dedicated to this art have ever been written. The specialized nature of this kind of work appealed to me.

I have not studied under a master bowmaker, which is the time honoured tradition for this craft, but I greatly appreciate the fine skills of those who have. In some instances, learning on ones own can lead to a unique viewpoint and approach that may find favour with some players.

In spite of leaving school early, I did my best to acquire knowledge through reading. I generally read books on physics, engineering,  and mathematics, and I have a particular interest in Relativity. I enjoy collecting used books, anything that relates to science and the natural world.